Our Mission

We see a need in Northeast Texas for a Bible College which could:

  1. Help to prepare young people for college and/or career life

  2. Train up lay leaders for service in the local church

  3. Provide a steppingstone for those moving from recovery into serving and training others

  4. Offer an accredited learning atmosphere where the Bible and ministry of the gospel are the cornerstones of the educational approach

Our mission is to train followers of Jesus to carefully and faithfully handle the word of God, to invest in the lives of their Christian brothers and sisters, and to build up the church for the mission of Jesus in the world.

Our Plan

We are an accredited school, our desire is to major in Bible study methods, Christian doctrine, church history, Bible exposition, and ministerial practice.

In order to do this, there will be a one-year program with two classes in these areas which a student could take in a single academic year. Each of these classes will be available individually for continuing education and equipping for ministry.